Empowering the industry with
predictive maintenance
WimFactory offers an IoT smart factory platform with AI-powered
industrial data analytics that enables production management,
equipment monitoring, and quality control in real-time.
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  • Transform your factory into
    Industry 4.0 standard

    - in minutes not months
  • WimFactory is a sensor and data driven platform that combines Industrial IoT, SaaS and Machine-Learning technologies into a Smart Factory solution that allows real-time operation data monitoring, notification services and preventive maintenance.

    Increase productivity and quality of your production process affordably and fast.

Real-Time Facility Operation Data
Production data is measured by sensors which then collected and sent via IIoT device WICON to the
cloud server for big-data analytics.
Comprehensive Dashboard
Wim-X, a web based total management dashboard conveniently displays overall status of operations
and malfunctions by analyzing the unstructured data.
Malfunction Notification Service
Set desired measurement range for temperature, humidity, pressure and more to get
on-time malfunction alerts.
Analysis Report
Speed up Quality Control and improve factory’s competitiveness via operation analysis report
based on facility production data stored on cloud server.
Industrial Multi Sensor IoT Gateway Controler
WICON seamlessly sends real-time
facility operation data to the cloud server.
Fast Deployment
WICON works in a principal of plug-&-play technology making it
easy and convenient to install.
Independent Stack-up Type and Various Sensor Support
WICON supports all type of sensors commercially available on the market.
With up to 4 sensors connected at once, WICON avoids signal and data collision.
Protocol and data bridge
WICON can collect & transfer data among and bet ween systems operating with
different communication protocols and data formats like Analog & Digital Signals.
Removable Modular System
WICON consists of Base, Security and Network modules such as
Bluetooth, Wif-Fi, 3G-5G, LoRa, LTE-M and BLE.
Smart Factory Total Management Platform
Machine-Learning embedded platform with
malfunction notification and analytics report services.
Our Machine Learning technology utilizes LSTM
(Long Short Term Memory)
a type of Recurrent Neural Network that allows us to model the most sophisticated dependencies in our time series as well as advanced seasonality dependencies.Event based analytics, Big Data analytics and Predictive analytics.
Preventive maintenance
On-time notification
Real time data analysis
Time Series Data Analysis
All types of sensor data analysis
temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration and more.
Implementation Process
We provide factory optimization platform through requirements analysis and consultation.
After consultation and facility environment analysis it takes only a DAY to implement a WimFactory Platform.
Step 1
Analyzing the Requirements
Step 2
Proposing best suitable sensor types and cloud server
Step 3
Self or Assisted WICON Installation
Step 4
Providing access to WIM-X Platform
Application Cases
Case Studies done at Small, Medium and Large Size Enterprise Manufacturers both in Korea and Abroad.
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